hiring traits


Hiring is never easy. When you’re in the boss’ chair, you know how challenging it can be to locate a pool of great applicants and assess their true potential in a role. Hiring and retaining great workers is a challenge, but doing it right saves you so much time in the long run. To make the most of your hiring process, don’t settle on an applicant. Here are the three most important trains to examine to find your next great hire.

2. Self-Expression

It’s normal to have interview jitters. When you question an applicant, nerves are natural. However, a candidate should still be able to communicate clearly and get a message across. When you’re interviewing a potential hire, observe how they explain their strengths and give examples of their experiences to assess their communication style and ability. Managers benefit from hiring professionals with a clear and direct communication style. Not only is self-expression about communication style, but it’s also about having the strength of character to be authentic and show your personality.

2. Accountability

An interview red flag as you review candidates? Shying away from a proactive approach. If you find a candidate already making excuses and avoiding ownership of previous mistakes, don’t take the relationship further. You want to hire intrinsically motivated employees, people that identify as self-starters. You want to hire someone you can trust to do the job quickly and accurately, preferably without much oversight once they are comfortable in the role.

3. Fit

One of the most important practices you can employ is hiring for fit. Do not overlook the personality of your applicant. While you want a diverse variety of perspectives on your team, it’s also important to make sure you onboard someone that can get along with the group and feel satisfied in the role. Talk to your team – what skills are they missing? Who would mesh well? Use that insight to build an “ideal recruit” and measure your interviewees against that criteria.

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