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We’ve heard a lot about burnout in the past few years — it’s a feeling of being mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted, caused by unrelenting stress and little relief from it. The ongoing pandemic amplified the regular stresses of everyday life; workers who suddenly found themselves learning how to work from home and juggling home and work responsibilities in the same place might have felt like there was no escaping either set of demands.

While we’d all like to take a prolonged vacation with no responsibilities as a way to heal and recover from burnout — to say nothing of the past two years! — it’s possible that other solutions might help ease the defeated feeling of burnout, including taking a temporary job.

1. Flexibility

A temporary job allows you to keep working while you figure out what you might want to do for work. It gives you the flexibility to work when you want, for as long as you want (some temporary jobs are for a determined length of time like to cover a medical leave), and to try on a few different kinds of jobs to determine whether they fit your skills and interests.

2. A New Start

If you’ve worked at the same job for a while and you’re feeling burned out on it, a temporary position gives you a chance to hit the reset button in a big way. You don’t have to commit to a new career like you would by taking a brand new full-time and permanent job. You also probably won’t have to go through a long interview process — most temporary positions are created by companies looking to bring someone in to help with a project or meet a deadline, or because they’re shorthanded due to unexpected shortages. They want to add a few more people to ride out the storm for a bit of a while. They’re grateful for your assistance, and then you go on your merry way.

3. More Career Options

Taking a temporary position lets you explore new career options without committing to one job blindly. It might be the same kind of work you’re already doing, or it could be something that has some overlap but in a very different setting.

Ultimately, temporary jobs can sometimes become permanent ones, but there isn’t that requirement on day one. It’s a chance to keep working while maybe reducing the hours you’re working every week, bringing home pay without the same routine that’s made you stressed out. Shaking up your routine is an excellent way to reset your brain and learn something new!

Find Your Next Opportunity with Davis

If you’re curious about temporary work and want to know what might be available, contact a staffing agency, like Davis Staffing. We work with great companies looking for temporary workers with your skills and experience — let us help you find a way out from under the stress of burnout and create a new future for yourself!