Top 5 OSHA Violations & How to Prevent Them


Many lucrative industries come with a bit of risk. Working in construction or a warehouse isn’t for everyone. But it’s simple to get your well-deserved paycheck if you play it safe and abide by OSHA standards. Here are the top 5 most frequently cited OSHA violations, as well as some tips from Davis Staffing on […]

Top Safety Tips for Every Machine Operator


top safety tips

When you work with heavy machinery, safety comes first. You know that working with this equipment is not nearly as simple as it may seem, and it’s your responsibility to operate these machines to the best of your ability. Consider these safety tips as a machine operator. Professionals Only Make sure, above all else, that […]

Safety Tips for Every Warehouse Worker


A warehouse environment can often bring an opportunity for injury. Hazards, trips, falls, and bruises occur where they can easily be prevented. As a warehouse employee, take the initiative to keep yourself safe and abide by all safety regulations each day on the job. Follow these safety recommendations to avoid danger. Power Equipment Usage When […]