With Low Unemployment, How Can Companies Find Talent?



When the market was saturated with candidates in the late 2000s, it was easy to find a qualified recruit. However, unemployment is low in the United States. This means slim pickings for the average hiring manager. As a recruiter, you may be wondering how best to get qualified candidates in the door. If you’ve tried […]

What Do the Best Admin Assistants Do?


Workers in many industries may have their sights set on an administrative assistant role. This can be a terrific position that provides stability, experience, and allows you to show some versatility as a professional. At the helm of every successful company is a seasoned administrative assistant that keeps the wheels turning and helps the entire […]

What Does a Successful Onboarding Process NOT Focus On?


In a leadership role, it can be difficult to balance your onboarding process. New employees need immediate guidance, and helping them hit their stride should be a priority. It can be tempting to dwell on meet-and-greets and reviewing the orientation packet. However, we’re here to share the best ways to acclimate your new staff members. […]

STUDY: Managers are Ignoring Employee Feedback. This is the Way to Change!



Are you listening to your employees? A Leadership IQ survey of thousands of managers showed that supervisors often disregard valuable employee insight, which can directly damage employee engagement and retention. The best leaders know that two-way communication is vital to the success of any organization. Some of the best company ideas can come from your […]