Are you listening to your employees? A Leadership IQ survey of thousands of managers showed that supervisors often disregard valuable employee insight, which can directly damage employee engagement and retention. The best leaders know that two-way communication is vital to the success of any organization. Some of the best company ideas can come from your workers. The professionals at Davis Staffing are here to share the importance of listening to staff feedback and managing your team effectively.

The Importance of a Leader that Listens

The Leadership IQ survey showed that one of the biggest problems when it comes to employee feedback is that workers feel like they’re in the dark. Only 15 percent of workers say their organization is always open about the challenges the company may face.  Additionally, less than 25 percent of staff members feel their suggestions are taken seriously, and less than half of that percentage see their changes implemented in the workplace. You need to be open not only to feedback but candid and honest thoughts from your employees. Show your staff that you can handle constructive criticism and that you’re ready to embrace change if necessary.

The Rundown

Here are some of the survey’s most important general findings:

  • Employees have some great insight that is often overlooked
  • Not enough leaders are open when it comes to constructive criticism
  • Even when open communication exists between supervisors and workers, suggestions aren’t always enacted: be sure to implement positive change when possible
  • Managers need to be forthcoming about issues within the company to maintain trust within the organization
  • Engaged employees are good for morale, retention, and recommending your business to others

Making a Change

It’s essential to prove to your staff that you’re willing to listen to their thoughts and implement necessary change. Not only can you foster a positive work environment, but you’ll see improvements in productivity. You want your staff to stay focused and enthusiastic to ensure a great business reputation. Don’t ignore employee feedback: here’s how to embrace it:

Provide an Open Forum for Communication

One of the best things you can do to alleviate these concerns is to emphasize open communication. We can’t stress this enough: dialogue is so important because it allows your employees to understand their work and affect change, and allows you to anticipate and prevent any workplace conflict. Whether it’s a text message or a sit-down meeting, you need to have a strategy to talk with your people.

Show Appreciation

Whether it’s a sincere note or a quick email, you want to acknowledge your staff’s accomplishments. Take a few minutes from each day to dedicate a thank you to an employee. Think about what the day-to-day lives of your workers entail. Compliment their efforts with a tough client, or thank them for their work on a recent team project. Appreciation from managers can directly translate to employee retention.

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