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The benefits of incentive plans should not be limited to just full time workers. Short-term employees are also deserving of bonuses and incentives for work well done. Since the main goal of employee incentive plans is to encourage higher performance and motivation at work, it only makes sense that all levels of employees will respond to a carefully designed incentive plan.

What makes employee incentive plans successful for short term employees take a little bit of homework first. It is critical to identify what actually motivates short-term workers to higher levels of achievement, since many of these folks know they have limited time on the job. Although a short-term employee incentive plan may be a little different, the concept of focusing on goals is virtually the same. Only in this case, the incentive plan is geared towards short-term goals. There are several short-term incentive ideas that are very effective, which we will review here for your benefit.

Employee Gift Programs

Perhaps the easiest short-term employee incentive program to put into place is an employee gift program. By simply purchasing a few reloadable gift cards from local merchants, you can be motivating short-term employees on a weekly basis with small cash bonuses. Alternatively, you may choose to have friendly competitions among short-term employees to attain certain sales goals for the chance to win movie tickets, restaurant certificates or privileges on the job. Be creative and keep this type of incentive plan fun to get the best results.

Short Term Employee PTO

Another type of incentive program that short-term employees can benefit from is that of the paid time off model. While most full time and permanent employees accrue paid time off throughout the year, seasonal or short-term employees cannot. Instead, come up with a plan to allow short-term employees to earn some time off with half pay. This can be an attractive incentive for short-term employees to work extra hours during the busy period and then take time off when they need it the most. It also produces happier, more productive employees, which makes the work environment much more pleasant.

Bonus Incentive Plans

Most employees are motivated by earnings, so it only makes sense that a short-term bonus plan would work for your staff. A bonus plan for short-term employees can be set up as a percentage of the total sales made by the employee during the time he or she was employed. This can be paid out at the very end of the assignment, which makes for a very attractive incentive for the best employees. Another method is to create an incentive plan so that all short-term employees can benefit, by pooling all the sales into one account and splitting it evenly amongst the short-term employees at the end of the season.

Short Term Employee Team Awards

If teamwork is a big part of the success of your company, then a good way to offer an incentive program to your short-term employees is to provide a group team award. This can be as simple as a special corporate event or a team building activity with awards and prizes given to the top performers. To make an employee award program a success, post a chart prominently on a wall where all short-term employees can see it and track their progress. You will see more participation and encouragement collectively with this method.

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