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It’s a common refrain: People don’t make things around here anymore. But maybe that’s because there are nearly half a million job openings for manufacturing jobs, a number that’s expected to increase to more than 2 million by 2030, a shortfall that could cost the U.S. economy up to $1 trillion in that time.

If you’re currently in the market for a job and want to try something new, or if you’re looking to put your skills to work, consider manufacturing — there are jobs to be had and on-the-job training is available!

Here’s why manufacturing might be the right career path for you:

1. Work on something tangible.

People who work in manufacturing know, at the end of the day, what they’ve made, what they’ve built, and can point to their contributions. They create real things that will be used by real people. Manufacturing is among the most important industries in the country and a recent survey found eight in 10 people believe manufacturing is important to maintain our standard of living. The manufacturing industry makes a good life happen!

2. Learn cutting-edge skills.

The manufacturing industry is ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. Working with automation, wearable technology, 3D printing technology, drones and other futuristic tools and devices means you’re learning while you work, picking up skills that can help open doors for you. Manufacturing isn’t just building, it’s creating new tools and concepts that will become the standards and innovations of tomorrow. There’s a world of possibility!

3. Limitless opportunities for advancement.

The other good thing about working with cutting-edge technology: There’s literally no limit to what skills you can learn. An eagerness to try new things, to experiment with and excel in new technology means you can become an expert with tools and concepts that are just becoming available and will be highly in-demand in the future. Getting in on the ground floor means you’ll be far more familiar in the future, something that can make you an in-demand candidate within a few years of working in the manufacturing industry.

4. Start anywhere, go everywhere.

If manufacturing is brand new to you, that’s not going to hold you back. Manufacturing jobs are available to all skill and education levels and most companies will offer, and encourage, on-the-job training. You’ll learn as you go and progress with your career as your skills increase. Someone who starts as an entry-level assembler, for example, can advance to leading a team before becoming a supervisor within a few years. Manufacturing is an industry in which loyalty is appreciated, rewarded and respected. And if you do come in with some background and experience, so much the better! Maybe you can become a mentor for younger workers.

5. Exercise those problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

If you’re someone who likes to tinker and can come up with new ways to use existing items, manufacturing will reward that creativity. This is a technology-driven industry and people who can innovate, think and act quickly and come up with solutions to complicated problems are welcomed and encouraged to try new things. Those thinking skills are ones that get stronger with use; people who excel in those situations can earn promotions and higher salaries just by being out-of-the-box thinkers.

Manufacturing is a safe, thriving, and in-demand industry. If you’re looking for an exciting career in which you can make a name and a nice life for yourself, consider it!

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