Ready to start 2022 with a new job? Great! A good place to start is looking at what skills you have compared to what employers will be looking for.

Even if you’ve already started sending applications and resumes out, it’s never a bad time to try to add to your skillset. Learning something new is a great way to keep your brain sharp, and it can help make you a stand-out applicant at the same time!

Here are some of the top skills employers will want to see on resumes next year:

1. Decision-making skills.

When faced with a problem, how do you determine what to do first? What’s your process? What variables do you use to work it through? Do you decide based on what your gut tells you? There’s no one way, and there’s no right way, but explain how you’ve made decisions and when a big one came your way. The ability to think and move quickly is an asset.

2. Project management skills.

The ability to take a big project, break it down into parts, assign deadlines for those smaller pieces, and bring the whole thing to completion on time is something so many managers want to see. It means you’re an efficient worker who can juggle many tasks at once while keeping your eyes on the big picture, not letting anything fall through the cracks, and keeping the whole effort moving.

3. Social media and influencing.

Some long-standing companies might have difficulty wrapping their heads around social media and might not think their company needs it. Suppose you’ve successfully managed accounts for a company, expanded their reach by increasing followers, and can demonstrate that a strong social media presence means more opportunities to win clients and spread the company’s good reputation. In that case, you can help managers not think about this thing they don’t fully understand.

4. Creativity.

This isn’t just artistic ability, it’s being able to look at a box and wonder not just what’s in it but whether it might be a transportation vessel for some great new idea that takes everyone by storm. It’s the ability to take the old way of doing things and suggest a new way to try that might save time, money, or both! It’s being unafraid to make an attempt and see it fail, only to learn something new. Creativity shows a quickness of mind that leads to efficient problem-solving.

5. Teamwork and collaboration.

Everyone wants to be a leader, but are you a good member of a team? Do you know how to listen to and respect people’s thoughts and work together to find the best solution? People who can put the group ahead of their own ideas, who can help bring the group together and focus on a shared goal, are so important in fast-paced companies where there’s always a lot going on at once, and big personalities tend to drown out other voices.

When you’re adding these skills to your resume, as you have them, be sure to think of anecdotes and examples you can use during your interviews. A good story of a time when your skills helped you out of a jam or brought your previous employers a win shows that you’re not just talking, you can back it up with action.

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