Welcome to 2022! For the next few weeks, be prepared to read and hear all about the best resolutions you can make for your company to build on the successes of 2021 and make this your best year yet.

One of the first changes you can make to bring those goals to fruition is to consider teaming up with a staffing agency to help find new job candidates.

Here’s why working with a staffing agency — like Davis Staffing, for example — can help your company in significant ways and small.

1. Reach candidates faster.

Staffing agencies work with both companies and candidates at the same time. Your company has an open position. If it’s something of urgent need, a staffing agency can bring in a candidate much more quickly than posting a resume, setting up interviews, and working through the hiring process. Most will have qualified candidates at the ready, and they’re usually eager to get to work with a few days’ notice. That saves you time!

2. They’ll start the screening process for you.

When you have a new position open, let the staffing agency know, and they’ll start sorting. They’ll only present you with candidates that meet your needs and have the qualifications you require for this position. All candidates given to your company will be a suitable match for the job; you’ll need to pick the one that seems like the best fit.

3. Temporary need? They have temporary workers.

Not everyone is looking for a full-time, permanent job. At the same time, your company might only have a temporary need — say you have a massive project with a deadline approaching, or someone’s out on family leave for a few months — and don’t want to go through the whole formal hiring process for someone who will only be with you for a few months. Here, again, staffing agencies can come to the rescue! Some candidates will be between jobs or sorting out where they want to go next, while others might be new to town and looking for work. In any case, they’ll file that information with the staffing agency, which can, in turn, recommend to you a great temporary worker who can do what you need right away.

4. Help keep costs under control.

Hiring a new employee through a staffing agency is suitable for your bottom line. These employees, especially temporary workers, might not be eligible for the same benefits that your company provides to full-time permanent ones. Additionally, if you’re bringing on extra help for a deadline-driven helping hand, it’ll cut down on your need to pay your full-time employees for overtime by making sure things get done on time. It also eases the stress on your team, something they’ll surely appreciate.

5. It’s a good investment in your company.

The candidates you bring in from a staffing agency won’t need to be trained. They won’t need to go through a long, formal onboarding process. If it’s a temporary employee, there’s a low risk of a long-term problem, but if the person does a good job. You’d like to bring them on full-time, it’s a much faster learning curve, plus you’ll know precisely the kind of person you’re hiring and their skills without any second-guessing. Temporary workers don’t get severance when their time is up, nor do you have to provide vacation or sick time in most cases. A staffing agency also builds a relationship with you, understanding how your company works, your culture, and your priorities. It can make sure you get exactly what you need — all of this makes your investment in them an investment in your company. It’s like expanding your HR team without having to add staff!

Staffing agencies are excellent middlemen, so to speak, when it comes to helping hiring managers get their work done quickly. They’ll work directly to your specifications and prioritize your needs every time.

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