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Are you new to budgeting, but looking to make the most out of your paycheck? Beginning in the workforce can be challenging, as you review taxes paid and revenue earned. Davis Staffing, a top temporary staffing firm based in Chicago, will talk you through the best saving tips for those just starting out.

Pay In Cash

One way to avoid splurging is to use cash! Paper money sometimes feels more “real” than swiping a credit card. A helpful tool to save your money and reduce spending as you start out is to cash out your paycheck and divide up your money into budgeted areas immediately. Some experts recommend using envelopes to physically separate your money into spending categories (rent, groceries, shopping, etc.). This tactic will work for you if you’re used to quickly spending money through your credit cards and phone apps.

Invest Your Efforts

As you join the workforce, you may find it difficult to put away money for big-ticket items, like a car payment, mortgage, or retirement. As much as you may be tempted to spend now and save later, getting an early start will pay off dividends in the long run. Even if you can simply set aside $25 per paycheck, you can cash in on that savvy saving later. Check out resources online on small investments you can make to try to grow your wealth.

Check the Checks

Keep a record of how much you’re earning to maintain accountability. Review every time card and paycheck as they are issued. Make sure your hours are accurate and that you’ve been granted the correct amount of money every pay period. You need to be the one double-checking your earnings, because no one else will do it for you! If your information looks incorrect based on your promised wage or time submitted, contact your supervisor right away to clear up the error.

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