New Job? Introverted Personality? A Guide to Feeling Comfortable Quickly



Working with a staffing agency gave you the perfect position in a hurry. Your paperwork is processed and the onboarding process is complete. But there’s still some adjusting to do. As a new hire, many find it challenging to fit in and project an outgoing identity. Here’s our guide on how you can acclimate yourself […]

Leadership Styles that Don’t Inspire Your Team


As a professional in a leadership position, you know how important it is to set firm but attainable standards for your entire staff. You can read every leadership book on the shelf, but nothing prepares you to oversee a team like entering the fray on your first day. Whether you’re new to a leadership role […]

Here Are the Acceptable Reasons to Reschedule a Job Interview


If you’ve scheduled an interview, take it as a serious commitment. Any interview is a positive opportunity to show your skills and make a great impression on a hiring manager. But what happens when you can’t make it? It can be frustrating on both sides to set up an important meeting and have to cancel. […]

REPORT: Chicago Job Growth Reaches 25-Year High


Chicago is one of the most prominent cities that is leaving their recession woes behind. Since the late 2000s, many regions have struggled with the consequences of the Great Recession. But our city is bouncing back in a big way. Although some metropolitan areas are still in recovery, Chicago is seeing a job growth high […]

The Right Answer to “What’s Your Biggest Weakness”


In an interview, you have to be prepared for a barrage of tough questions. Doing pre-interview research is necessary for any position, and you never want to be surprised by a question. The most dreaded one is usually related to your weaknesses. We know it can be intimidating, but we’re here to help you answer […]

These Are the Areas the Best Staffing Agencies Focus on to Find You a Job



There are a lot of misconceptions out there about staffing agencies. Have you heard that they don’t care about you or the jobs they’re filling? That staffing agencies aren’t attentive and focus on their own process? It’s just not true. Staffing agencies feature some of the most attentive agents working to select the right candidate […]

How Do Job Candidates Interpret Every Touch Point with Your Staffing Agency?



To stand out in the staffing industry, you need to show your clients you care. Job candidates are looking for expert advice and professional networking opportunities. Candidates often have a hard time standing out in their field and need to connect with a staffing agency to set themselves apart. That’s why Davis Staffing specializes in […]

Networking Success in 2018 Requires Just One Commitment


‘Tis the season to reflect on 2017 and think about what changes you need to make. Whether you’re on the job hunt or your career is taking off, every professional takes inventory of their past accomplishments to help their future performance. A good examination of your year can help you focus on what’s really going […]

Five Signs Your Call Center Employee is Ready for Management



Running a call center is challenging on every level: managing customer service, hiring reliable staff members, and resolving conflicts can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to delegate. One of the best ways to effectively manage your responsibilities as a leader is to detect talent within your ranks. Take a […]

A Guide to Showing Thanks to Your Employees in Unexpected Ways


Managing your people comes with many challenges, but the biggest obstacle can be employee retention. Turnover is killer, and it’s one of the most troublesome and expensive issues a leader can face. As an effective leader, you need to keep your staff happy and satisfied in their roles. We’ve provided a quick guide here on […]