Running a call center is challenging on every level: managing customer service, hiring reliable staff members, and resolving conflicts can be overwhelming. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to delegate. One of the best ways to effectively manage your responsibilities as a leader is to detect talent within your ranks. Take a look at your recent hires to determine if you have any staff members ready to excel. Here are five signs your call center employee is ready for management.

1. Relatable

Work isn’t a popularity contest, but it’s helpful to find a staff member that gets along with many types of people. In a diverse workplace, you’ll need a leader that can speak to workers young and old, inexperienced and veteran. If you have a worker that can relate to all personalities, they can handle the stresses that come with managing a staff.

2. Ability to Teach

A teachable demeanor can be rare, but it’s what call center management requires. Look for staff members that can advise others in a knowledgeable manner without being condescending. When your employee is able to teach new skills or techniques to colleagues, it indicates major leadership potential. If you want to encourage leadership potential for an employee, test them on their teaching skills. Ask them to demonstrate something for you, or teach a coworker a new technique to see how they perform.

3. Great Communicator

Communication is one of the pillars of effective management, and when your call center employee has this mastered, a promotion is in order. When you’re observing staff members, look for the employee that can express an idea in a concise and understandable way. They should be able to actively listen to their peers, and be supportive. Additionally, the method of communication is important in the workplace: you want to promote the person that responds to every email thoughtfully, not the individual with a messy system of forgotten sticky notes.

4. Big Picture Thinker

Small minds can’t process large-scale issues that are bound to arise in a call center setting. Big picture thinkers can really help with leadership and innovation in the workplace. To find out which employees are capable of abstract ideas, survey your workers to ask about their five-year plan. Where do they see themselves in the future? Also, a simple exchange of ideas can show you their potential. Do they have any ideas for the company? How to improve productivity, or increase profits? One conversation can expose positive qualities in a dedicated staff member.

5. Analytical Decision-Maker

To lead a team, you need a mind that is rational, logical, and focused. Your next manager needs to be analytical when it comes to all matters, whether it’s an argument between employees or a crisis at the corporate level. Talk to your staff members about the importance of prompt, intelligent decision-making. Each day brings new challenges, and you want to know that conflicts are being managed in a level-headed way. Find a professional that can make the right choice without making things personal, and you’ll have your next manager.

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