Chicago is one of the most prominent cities that is leaving their recession woes behind. Since the late 2000s, many regions have struggled with the consequences of the Great Recession. But our city is bouncing back in a big way. Although some metropolitan areas are still in recovery, Chicago is seeing a job growth high and your business will benefit from it.

Chicago Strong

The city’s rebound shows resilience and hope for the future. We’ve seen a 25 year high for private-sector jobs within the city, which is a huge relief from the struggles of the late 2000s. Currently, employment percentages have improved by over 16.6 percent from the 2010 rate: even higher than the national average over the same time period. Chicago suburbs are surrounding areas haven’t seen these same increases, where private-sector employment is comparatively low still.

City Specifics

When comes to increased rates of private sector employment, we’re noticing that the city is really benefiting, where the suburbs still struggle. Private businesses operating right outside The Loop have seen the most predominant employment increases, where surrounding neighborhoods still haven’t quite bounced back. Downtown hiring trends are increasing in an impactful way. Outside of the city, manufacturing and construction jobs are decreasing. In the city, the areas of employment aren’t as vulnerable to the previous statewide economic downturn. Chicago’s industries like food service, healthcare, and entertainment are the ones with big numbers helping the city succeed.

Private and Public Employment

This report boasts high rates of private-sector employment in the city, but public employment is important as well. The state of Illinois overall has had low numbers when it comes to public employment since the Great Recession. About 14% of Illinois’ jobs are in the public sector, and we’re not seeing the same great results that the private sector is experiencing. This is due to previous funding cuts that led to restructuring and layoffs. The city’s private-sector success is remarkable and can give the state’s economy a boost. However, there’s still more work to be done.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

Whether you’re right outside the loop or in a Chicago suburb, hiring is about more than just numbers. When your business needs a boost, it’s all about making the right connections. Searching for qualified candidates can be tough in any geographical area, so focus on fit first. Reaching out to all potential employers and determining who the best fit is will help you train and retain an effective staff. Utilize all staffing resources. Get in touch with a staffing agency that can provide multiple options to fill any role in your company.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

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