Let’s Talk About the Two-Page Resume


A debate for the ages: what does the ideal resume look like? Traditional or modern, varying fonts, graphics or just written content: it’s hard to tell what the right choice is when it comes to your resume. But today we’re here to talk about one of these classic concerns, the debate over whether or not […]

Have Qualifications But Lack Experience? Here’s How You Can Get Hired


The most frustrating part of the job search is the ever-present contradiction in hiring: you need the experience to get the job, but you can’t get a job without experience. It may seem like every entry-level position requires five years of paid work in the industry even if you’ve got the right credentials. So how […]

Bouncing Back from Losing a Job – Tough Tasks but Necessary Things to Do



A job loss can hit hard, whether you saw it coming or not. Leaving an organization is uncomfortable and challenging in any circumstance, but you control your career destiny. Turn your negative reaction around and embrace what job opportunities now await you by taking care of these tough tasks as soon as you find out […]

The Correct Way to Evaluate a Relationship with a Staffing Agency



Pairing up with a powerful ally is paramount to your company’s productivity. Your staff needs support to succeed. Working with a staffing agency can help you build a beneficial relationship with a community partner that knows exactly how to boost your company’s efficiency. But making the right partnership is key. Be sure you’re getting the […]

New Job? Introverted Personality? A Guide to Feeling Comfortable Quickly



Working with a staffing agency gave you the perfect position in a hurry. Your paperwork is processed and the onboarding process is complete. But there’s still some adjusting to do. As a new hire, many find it challenging to fit in and project an outgoing identity. Here’s our guide on how you can acclimate yourself […]

Avoid Assumptions with These Three Tips



Working with people is challenging – not everyone is up to the task of managing a team. It takes a dedicated effort to understand your people and work together effectively. Preventing misunderstandings is simple when you work to prevent assumptions. Misconceptions and miscommunications can happen in the workplace, but top leaders know how to mitigate […]

The Top Skills for a Collections Agent


A collection agent has a tricky job: asking people for money can be challenging. There are many misconceptions about the job. Collections isn’t about being pushy and ruthless, it’s about coming from a place of understanding and persuading people to meet you in the middle. The best way to stand out when applying for a […]

What Does a Screening Process Entail for Employees Coming from a Staffing Agency?



Your team is crucial to your productivity. Managers always want to bring in the best possible candidates. When you work with a staffing agency, you know that the administrative struggles are being handled. But it’s helpful to know what your hires go through during the screening process. Here’s what you can expect when you team […]

What Are the Secrets to Leading Scientists?


Are you looking for an innovative way to boost your leadership abilities? Try a new approach and look for inspiration from top scientists. World-renowned academics and researchers often have insight we don’t think about from day to day. However, the scientific method isn’t just for lab coat professionals: you can use it to your advantage […]