Working with a staffing agency gave you the perfect position in a hurry. Your paperwork is processed and the onboarding process is complete. But there’s still some adjusting to do. As a new hire, many find it challenging to fit in and project an outgoing identity. Here’s our guide on how you can acclimate yourself to any workplace as a new recruit.

Start Small

When you’re new to an organization, finding just a couple of people to connect with can be helpful. Working at a large company can make networking challenging, so we recommend starting small. Choose a few people to reach out to; it can be within your department, within your desk clump, or within a group of interests. Trying to make friends with every colleague right away can backfire and keep you on the outside.

Be Authentic

One way to ensure you’re making real connections is to be authentic. A fake persona or front will discourage employees from getting to know you. Don’t overthink your work persona – just show people who you are and trust that you’ll find friends. Recruiters typically hire for fit, so remind yourself that you are there for a reason and you’ll feel comfortable soon.

Seek Mentorship

If you want a reliable source of information and connection in your workplace, find a mentor. Talk to senior staff members and ask someone in leadership to take you under their wing. A mentor is extremely valuable in so many situations. Whether you’ve got a quick question about your tasks or you have serious HR inquiries, a mentor has been through it all before and can help advise you. They’ll also be able to foster your leadership abilities and groom you for growth and promotion.

Goal-Setting Is Key

As you win others over and make connections, you want to use your strengths and focus on succeeding with support from your team. To ensure you’re focusing on potential greatness, set short-term goals for your job growth. Start small and determine what you want to accomplish in this role. Here are some examples of what might work for you:

  • See a project through from start to finish within six months
  • Innovate three ideas to implement during your first year in your position
  • Attend three relevant workshops or professional development sessions
  • Talk with your mentor or supervisor about growth opportunities within the company

Creating achievable, measurable outcomes will help you stay motivated and branch out even in your initial time with the organization. You’ll also expand your potential by proving yourself as a worker with drive and initiative.

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