Managing your people comes with many challenges, but the biggest obstacle can be employee retention. Turnover is killer, and it’s one of the most troublesome and expensive issues a leader can face. As an effective leader, you need to keep your staff happy and satisfied in their roles. We’ve provided a quick guide here on how to show thanks to your employees to promote great attitudes in the workplace.

Take A Genuine Interest

One of the first and most important things you need to do is take a sincere interest in the lives of your employees. It’s easy to ask about their weekend or chat about the weather, but the best bosses are better than that. Try to spark a meaningful conversation by asking questions about their family, goals, and interests. Additionally, as a supervisor, it’s important to keep your questions appropriate, so create a conversation without being pushy or nosy.

Say Thanks

Keeping your team happy means showing them an appreciation for everything they do. The most effective way to boost your team’s mood is to give them specific compliments for their professional contributions. Tell your staff that they appreciate their work on a recent project or a client meeting. Your workers need to know what they’re doing right, and they want frequent feedback in order to maintain productivity. Even if it’s just a simple thank you, you may be surprised at how it will improve the company climate.

Short-Term Rewards

Rewarding your staff with small treats is a tangible way to give back to your hardworking employees. Think of fun, unexpected ways to appreciate your people that go beyond the occasional “Casual Friday”. Schedule time for fun throughout the day and after hours. Ask your workers what their interests are, and find a fun corresponding activity that will build camaraderie. Check out local spots to find fun team-building outings such as a pedal tour or a team escape room challenge. Providing your employees with opportunities to unwind outside of the workplace will boost morale and keep things flowing on the job.

Long-Term Benefits

To please your workers, you’ll need to think big picture. If you want to retain your top employees in the long run, re-evaluate your employee benefits. Top talent will demand certain accommodations. Think about what you can offer employees to attract them: flexible days or hours, healthcare benefits, or office improvements. Perhaps your surroundings need a fresher vibe, or you need to work with staff members to create a more fluid schedule. Also, focus on the overview of what your employee experiences, and ask yourself how you can make it better.

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