To stand out in the staffing industry, you need to show your clients you care. Job candidates are looking for expert advice and professional networking opportunities. Candidates often have a hard time standing out in their field and need to connect with a staffing agency to set themselves apart. That’s why Davis Staffing specializes in making their job candidates feel like they’re in the know during their job search. Every touch point is a different experience for job candidates, so we’re here to explain how to give your people the best experience throughout the process.

The Application

This touch point is crucial to job candidates. Applying for jobs can be a grind if you are filling out one application after another. You don’t want job candidates to be overwhelmed and send out stiff, impersonal applications. Getting the job is all about customizing your resume, cover letter, and application. Check in with them to review the importance of a detailed resume and succinct cover letter. Applicants need to know the company’s mission, values, and what they’re looking for.

The Job Fair

Networking events like a job fair can be overwhelming for a job candidate. They’ll encounter tons of job opportunities, but many won’t be the right fit. If you’re holding down a booth at a job fair, you need to have a strong first impression. Find a way to stand out that represents your organization’s brand. Whether it’s bold marketing swag or a display detailing the benefits of working with your agency, identify an authentic way to sell it.


Job candidates in every industry are savvier than ever. You have to expect that job candidates are checking your website regularly. This means you need to guarantee a user-friendly experience. Check that your homepage is aesthetically pleasing, and that mobile users can easily navigate your interface. You should provide visitors with plenty of information about your organization and its purpose to clue them in on your strategy.

Conversations with Recruiters

Recruiters are a great tool for job seekers, so it’s important for candidates to make these connections as soon as possible. Candidates want to know what recruiters are looking for, so help them fill in the blanks. Also, make sure job seekers enter a conversation with a recruiter with clear goals for their career. It’ll impress employers, as well as carefully crafted application materials.


Interviews are stressful. Candidates, especially those with less experience, will feel pressure to succeed and need your guidance. As a distinguished staffing agency leader, you can touch base with candidates by assembling an “Interviews 101” document for all job seekers. Give professionals a quick rundown of what to expect and how to respond in any given situation. Set your people up for success with content that is helpful and specific.

Work With a Top Chicago Temp Agency

To help job candidates find the right fit, check out Davis Staffing’s tips on how to be an asset to your clients. As a top Chicago temporary staffing firm, we know customer service and can help you stand out. Check out our website today to learn more!