A Guide to Showing Thanks to Your Employees in Unexpected Ways


Managing your people comes with many challenges, but the biggest obstacle can be employee retention. Turnover is killer, and it’s one of the most troublesome and expensive issues a leader can face. As an effective leader, you need to keep your staff happy and satisfied in their roles. We’ve provided a quick guide here on […]

When to be Thankful at Work



Often when you’re putting in your hours at the office, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling stuck and getting into a “working for the weekend” mentality can limit your productivity and hold you back from the success you seek. One of the best ways to spark […]

Your Company Needs a Mobile Device Policy – A Guide to Making One



In an increasingly technological workplace, guidelines are everything. It can seem impossible to manage the productivity of your employees when smartphones are everywhere. Personal mobile phones can be a serious work distraction, but they can also enable your employees to succeed. Davis Staffing is here to help you navigate the right way to create and […]

When Can You Use Your Cell Phone at Work?


The ubiquitous cell phone: in the workplace, it can be vital, helpful, a nuisance, or a nightmare. Cell phones can cause serious issues in the workplace if individuals don’t use their discretion. In this age, everyone wants to be connected, constantly. People can’t seem to tear themselves away from their phones, but job candidates know […]