Workers in many industries may have their sights set on an administrative assistant role. This can be a terrific position that provides stability, experience, and allows you to show some versatility as a professional. At the helm of every successful company is a seasoned administrative assistant that keeps the wheels turning and helps the entire staff stay on task. Here are the skills you’ll need to demonstrate to prove yourself as a top admin assistant:

Master of Deadlines

One of the primary skills an administrative assistant will require is the ability to be punctual and attentive to deadlines. It’s one thing to manage your schedule effectively, but a great administrative assistant has multiple calendars to keep track of. If you want to stand out as an administrative assistant, you’ll need to be great with deadlines and keeping track of meetings. You can show these traits by always making sure you’re on top of the details. Always know where and when everything is scheduled to occur.

Reliability Matters

An administrative assistant is often the first face of the organization. When the admin assistant is positioned at the entrance, they act as the front line and need to show a strong presence. Showing up every day is important in this role, as much as possible. You’ll also need to demonstrate supreme punctuality. Tardiness is not tolerated in such a prominent position. If you’re assigned for an 8:00-4:00 shift, be there at 7:45. You want to be able to manage all of your responsibilities and supervise admin tasks as necessary.

Create Effective Materials

Another way you can prove yourself to be a top admin assistant is to really focus on the work you do. Create reports that are easy to read and understand to prove yourself as an asset to the team. Your duty is to provide clarity in a complex organization. Make sure you are always generating materials and reports that are simple and straightforward to maximize efficiency for all of your peers. If you’re creating an agenda or summary, break up information into small chunks and distill all of the important information as much as possible.

Provide Measurable Results

To excel, you’ll have to prove your ability to manage your tasks with minimal direction and provide results. It’s important to everyone within the company that the administrative staff members don’t need to be micromanaged. The finest administrative assistants are self-starters: they take care of their work and anticipate the next steps for any project. To prove yourself as an independent worker, keep track of your progress on any project or assignment. For example, if you send an office-wide communication updating your peers on an office training, you can show you are maximizing productivity and working to create a more efficient environment.

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