When the market was saturated with candidates in the late 2000s, it was easy to find a qualified recruit. However, unemployment is low in the United States. This means slim pickings for the average hiring manager. As a recruiter, you may be wondering how best to get qualified candidates in the door. If you’ve tried conventional methods and aren’t seeing the desired results, you need to revisit your strategy. Here’s how your company can track down top talent.

Referral Bonuses

Trust your team. If you want to bring in great people, talk to your people. Often staff members will refer their friends and colleagues if you’re looking to fill positions. You’ll benefit from this because it can expedite the hiring process, and you know your new hire won’t damage team morale. Referral bonuses can be great for business because incentivizing your staff can produce excellent leads.

Social Media Monitoring

Hiring can be challenging in any economy, so why not utilize technology to get ahead? Social media can be a wealth of info perfect for your curation. LinkedIn can be extremely helpful if you’re looking for professionals in a specific field. Use different search functions to seek candidates by geographic location, job title, or several other criteria. You can also use Facebook Jobs or Twitter pages to find highly placable candidates.

Use Your Archives

Take advantage of past communications and turn them into opportunities. Leverage your candidate database to locate the right hires when you’re low on options. Contact past applicants and see if you’ve saved any resumes during periods of high unemployment. If you’ve collected resumes at networking events or while recruiting in the past, make sure your company has a system in place to track these potential candidates. Reach out to these prospective employees to see if they are interested in joining your team.

Recruiting Resources

If you’re feeling stuck and can’t find applicants for a certain position, team up with a staffing agency. Temporary staffing firms specialize in cultivating a selection of qualified candidates in multiple industries. Contacting a staffing firm like Davis Staffing can not only help you solve your hiring concerns but can also give you a leg up on your competitors. These connections will give you an insight into the hiring process and help you maximize efficiency throughout the organization.

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