In a leadership role, it can be difficult to balance your onboarding process. New employees need immediate guidance, and helping them hit their stride should be a priority. It can be tempting to dwell on meet-and-greets and reviewing the orientation packet. However, we’re here to share the best ways to acclimate your new staff members. Read on to learn more about the dos and donts of successful onboarding.

Don’t: Waste Time

Tradition dictates a series of icebreakers and orientation games to accompany the standard company welcome packet. Break the mold! Top managers will tell you that it’s not about how fast a new worker can learn colleagues’ names: it’s about hitting the ground running with their main responsibilities. New employees are most effective when they can start being as productive as possible, as early as possible. Hiring a new staff member must include a quick rundown of their role, or you’ve spent time and money for someone to sit at their desk awaiting further instruction.

Do: Take a Hands-On Approach

One of the top things new hires need is your influence. Don’t outsource onboarding. Delegating this task could mean crucial information gets overlooked, and your new hire might feel neglected. If there is vital information your new team member needs, share it. Don’t count on them figuring it out, or leave it for someone else to explain. Make sure you spearhead the onboarding initiative by providing a warm welcome and showing your new staff member the important work done within the organization.

Don’t: Bother with Busywork

Never give a new hire busywork. It sets a terrible precedent to have new staff members complete insignificant tasks. It wastes your time and resources, and it makes your new hire feel worthless. Always make sure that assignments are relevant not only to your company, but also to your new employee’s abilities. Work should always reflect the goals of your business. To ensure successful onboarding, prepare some tasks for the new hire ahead of time so you’re not rushing to find the right fit.

Do: Concentrate on Culture

Getting your new employee acclimated to their new role is all about fit. If your new hire is uncomfortable, they won’t feel confident performing to your standards. Start early with an effort to immerse your new staff member in the company culture. Don’t be shy when it comes to including them, whether it’s for post-work drinks or different staff meetings throughout the day. Help them get a feel for the people and the procedure within your organization, and you’ll see the benefits right away.

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