Our Top Tips for Hiring Managers from 2018



New year, new leads? Tracking down quality candidates can be tough, and our Davis Staffing team has made 2018 the year of top hiring advice. Whether you’re in charge of hiring for a massive corporation or you’re a Chicago start-up with some growing to do, it’s essential to hire the right employees to fit your […]

Agile Leadership – Why it’s the Future for Leaders



As a supervisor, it’s essential to use all the tools in your belt. Being firm and commanding is relevant, but flexibility is also necessary. Growing as a leader means trying new strategies and being open to every available resource. It’s advantageous for you as well as for the team you’re leading. Agile leadership is the […]

Google for Jobs – How to Find Your Next Job Here



Finding the right position is easier than ever when it comes to searching online. Instead of working to navigate various job websites, you can find it all in one location. Google for Jobs simplifies your search by providing targeted results that are easy to read. If you’re looking for a new position, here’s how Google […]

Social Media – Your Guide to Your Next Job



When you’re hunting for the right position, it can be tough to find the right fit through traditional avenues. Between newspaper classifieds and traditional listings, there aren’t always options that fit a modern lifestyle. Whether you’re unemployed or looking to shift your career, taking advantage of all of your options will guarantee a successful outcome. […]

Does Higher Base Pay Increase Employee Retention?



Keeping quality employees on the payroll can be challenging in any industry, especially in 2018. Workers are more likely to seek new opportunities in a shorter span of time than in previous years. So how can you retain your best staff members? We’ve found it’s not through cheap swag or good intentions. We’re here to […]

Here’s the Plan to Become a Successful Chemist



If you’re looking for a career as a chemist, you’ll need to prepare your skills and know the requirements to enter this dynamic field. Developing products, researching chemicals, testing good, and conducting studies are all be included in the job description of a chemist. There are many industries that can use the special skill set […]

What Happens When You Can’t Stand Your Co-Workers?



Animosity in the workplace is not unheard of. Whether it’s personal drama or a difference in work styles, it can be extremely difficult for some to work in harmony together. If you’re in a situation where you can’t stand someone you work with, don’t despair. There are several options you can investigate that may help […]

Your Assignment is Almost Over – What Do You Do Now?



As a temporary hire, you may start feeling pressure toward the end of your assignment. Whether you’ve had a positive or negative experience, you need to prepare for what’s next. It’s best to stay ahead of the game, especially if you’re entering the job hunt. Candidates are often not prepared after they leave an assignment, […]

The Best Job Search Tips for Job Candidates in Chicago



In urban areas, it can be difficult to find the right fit. Searching for the perfect position is tough, even in a flourishing market like Chicago. You’ve heard the basics: check job websites, go to networking events; you’ve heard this advice before. We’ve got some more specific tips that will help you find the right […]

With Low Unemployment, How Can Companies Find Talent?



When the market was saturated with candidates in the late 2000s, it was easy to find a qualified recruit. However, unemployment is low in the United States. This means slim pickings for the average hiring manager. As a recruiter, you may be wondering how best to get qualified candidates in the door. If you’ve tried […]