A job loss can hit hard, whether you saw it coming or not. Leaving an organization is uncomfortable and challenging in any circumstance, but you control your career destiny. Turn your negative reaction around and embrace what job opportunities now await you by taking care of these tough tasks as soon as you find out you’re unemployed.

Secure a Safety Net

First, you need to secure a financial plan. Professionals recommend a safety net, an “emergency savings account” that can help you stay afloat during your job search. While employed, you need to set aside enough money to cover your basic expenses for six months. This includes all of your “needs” for half a year. You’ll feel more secure and you can fall back on it when you lose your job. Instead of a rainy day fund, you’ll have a necessary pool of money set aside to take care of your rent and bills while you’re searching for the right role. It will help you avoid taking the very first thing that comes along so you can be more selective during your job search and identify a great fit.

Grieve Your Loss

Take time to handle your emotions. Losing a job can be devastating. A large part of your identity is your job, so don’t underestimate how upset you may feel. The is particularly relevant if you’re leaving on negative terms. Give yourself time to process what you’ve been through, and take a little time to get a hold of yourself after. It’s okay to be upset and feel out of control right after you lose your job. It’s not okay to still dwell on it two weeks later and let that stumble cost you future opportunities.

Start the Search

Your job hunt needs to start as soon as possible. Getting a new position is a numbers game – the more applications you submit, the sooner you’ll snag a new role. Apply to positions that feel perfect, but also keep an open mind and branch out to postings that aren’t typically something you’d select. Additionally, send your resume to any companies you have an interest in, even if they are not currently hiring. You may have the skill set required for a role they haven’t posted yet, or your qualifications may be so intriguing a hiring manager will create a position for you.

Talk About It

It’s okay to share your struggles with someone else. Not only is it healthy to talk about a big loss, but it can also actually improve your chances at finding a position. Even when you share the news with your friends, you are networking. Ask around among family and friends to identify any job leads. Referred candidates often receive an extra examination, and a personal connection means you may gain a job sooner than you anticipated.

Team Up With a Staffing Agency

Find a connection that can help you gain access to premium listings and valuable interview tips by teaming up with a staffing agency. A top firm like Davis Staffing can help you identify the best leads, show your accomplishments, and negotiate a great salary. If you’re looking to expedite your job search and find the perfect fit, Davis Staffing has your back.

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