hiring process

Are you looking for the right Chicago job? The challenge will be determining which industry suits you best and how to get hired in a hurry. If you’ve got some experience, but you’re looking to diversify your resume, teaming up with a top Chicago staffing agency is the perfect move. Davis Staffing’s successful candidates hit the ground running with weekly payments and serious skill-building. We’re here to give you a sneak peek on exactly what you can expect when you team up with the best in the business.

The Online Application

You can quickly start your Davis Staffing journey by applying online. Once your application is complete, you’ll be contacted for some brief assessments to help analyze your skills and personality. Davis Staffing pairs job seekers and opportunities based on fit, so trust that the experts will identify a great role just for you.


Orientation comes next – any intended worker will know it’s time for paperwork. Submit your necessary information, tax forms, ID, and paperwork to make your next employment venture official. Once that’s all set, you’ll receive Davis Staffing information on what the job will require and where you will report. This is also when your applicant file is reviewed by our experts once more to confirm you are ready to go.


The final step before you begin your new role is Davis Staffing’s confirmation of your submissions. They’ll complete reference checks on your previous employers, ask them to verify your time with their company, and conduct mandated drug-screens. As your test results and employer comments come back, you’ll officially be a Davis Staffing hire.


On the job? You’ll be subject to Davis Staffing timesheets. You’ll receive timesheets from Davis Staffing, regardless of your on-post assignment. Davis hires are typically paid weekly via direct deposit or a debit card issued through us.


Get Started Today!

If you need the right temporary gig and you’re ready to get started today, contact Davis Staffing!