the key to hiring success

You’ve got a new hire, you provide a thorough orientation, and it’s off to the job site. Then, just one week later, you hear rumors about poor performance. A few more days pass, and your employees are complaining about the new recruit. You’ve invested so much time and energy in this candidate, and they’re not working out? Peak frustration.

How can you stop this cycle? Hiring takes so much time and energy away from your regular duties, so it’s essential you do it right the first time. We’re going to break it down and share with you how to listen carefully during an interview to find the right fit.



A candidate should come prepared to your interview – it helps them succeed, and it shows respect. Listen to interviewees when they talk about your organization. Did they do their research? Do they know your company’s goals and main products or services? If an applicant doesn’t perform due diligence during their candidacy, will they do it on the worksite?


Demonstration of Skills

If the interviewee claims to be hardworking or a problem-solver, you need proof. Ask for anecdotes if they don’t provide them – listen for stories that show they can set themselves apart, don’t just take their word for it. Don’t forget that an interview is the only moment for a prospective hire to sell themselves. This means you should focus less on your questions and more on their answers – don’t dominate the conversation. Let it breathe and let an interviewee speak.


Indicators of Fit

Listen for signs that this employee is in it for the long haul. Hiring is an investment, and you don’t want to spend your valuable resources on a candidate that seems uninterested or non-committal. If you’re having a hard time pinning them down or speaking about the next moves already during the interview, it’s likely not a good match. You also want your new workers to feel comfortable in the role. Speak about your company culture and pay attention to their response to assess how they will fit in.


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