You’re ready to quit your job, but you’ve been there a while and can’t think of the best way to quit. It can be challenging to manage your existing professional relationships as you maneuver into a new role. You want to give the appropriate amount of notice, but you’re also eager to move on to your next opportunity. Luckily, this post will go through the best way to quit your job.

Plan Your Notice

As soon as you know you’ll be leaving your current job, start planning. You may not be taking immediate action, but you should at least map out your next steps. Here’s what you need to think about as you plan to give notice:

  • Your Role – Consider your responsibilities to the organization. They may be extensive; they may be nonexistent. If you’re quitting your job as a supervisor, you may be expected to give more than two weeks’ notice. Higher ups may expect you to schedule out a detailed exit plan to help your successor succeed. If you don’t want to reveal your departure early, spend some time detailing your day-to-day duties before you announce. This way you can maintain your privacy without leaving your team in the dark.
  • Contracts/Unions – Do you have a contract you need to abide by that will not let you terminate early? Review your hiring agreement to make sure you’re not violating your employment arrange. If you’re in a union, consult a representative that may be able to give you some tips on how to exit gracefully and make sure you’re not missing anything.
  • State Laws – Before you give notice, especially if you’re leaving on uncertain terms, you want to protect yourself. Do you live in a state that abides by at-will employment? Know exactly what control you have over your departure, and what action your employer can take. In some industries, it’s common for an employer to immediately terminate a worker as they give notice, so plan for every contingency.

Writing Your Resignation

You’ve made your decision, it’s time to officially notify your boss. Even if you’re resigning in person, you should still be crafting a letter that will go in your employment file. Our advice?

  • Keep it brief
  • Thank your employer for opportunities
  • Offer to stay in touch if you’re interested
  • Be very specific – what date can you be expected through, what can they expect, will you work with your team/replacement?

Tie Up Loose Ends

Once you’ve delivered the news, it’s time to move on. After graciously giving your boss notice, save any files you might need and clear your desk. Talk to your human resources professional to clear up any questions about your final compensation and any payouts from unused vacation time or sick days. If you have good relationships with your co-workers, a handwritten note is a nice gesture that will help you smoothly transition to your new role.

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