Every professional looks for a change at some point in their career. Whether you are currently employed or between positions, searching for a job can be time-consuming. You send out dozens of applications and resumes, you get a few interviews, and then it’s time to play the waiting game. If you’re tired of hoping an employer chooses you, make it happen for yourself. Don’t be a passive candidate – be proactive and get the most out of your job search with Davis Staffing’s tips.

Tip One: Tailor Your Materials

We’ve heard it too often – a job seeker complains about how long it takes to obtain a new position. They’ve sent out fifty copies of their resume: but that’s a red flag to us. If you’re not revising your resume based on the job posting, you’re making a huge mistake. Not only will your resume seem dull or generic, but it’s also clear that you’re not clued into modern keyword searches. These days, it’s not standard for a hiring manager to sit down and read each resume. In many cases, companies use software that detects the particular words in a resume that indicates you are a match. If you are not editing your resume and creating a new cover letter for each position, you’re not getting the most out of your job search.

Tip Two: Active Networking

Navigating the job market when you’re on the hunt is impossible without help. That’s where networking comes in. If you’re not actively seeking opportunities to connect with professionals in your field, you might not get the right position. Explore options locally by attending job fairs or workshops, and use tools like Facebook Jobs and LinkedIn to connect broadly. When you plan for an event, have business cards handy and multiple copies of your resume. Plus, you’ll want to prep your “Why You Should Hire Me” elevator pitch. Come up with a 60-second speech with a bit of your job history and specific skills that make you the perfect hire.

Tip Three: Cultivate Your Brand

It sounds fancy, but cultivating your brand is really about projecting a positive image, maintaining your reputation, and sharing your career goals. Narrowing your focus can help you obtain a new job because it shows recruiters you have growth potential. Create a personal website for industry use where you can list your accomplishments and allow potential employers to view your work. You’ll also want to review your social media profiles and remove any questionable content.

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