That moment you thought would never happen is occurring and you can’t stop it. Your job interview is approaching and you’re going to be late. You can’t find your lint roller. The traffic light just won’t change. Your parking spot is a mile away. While it’s crucial to be prepared for your job interview, we know that life happens. Nobody wants to be that person running behind, so it’s up to you to do everything you can to rectify a mistake that may be out of your control. Here is what you need to do if you are late.

Let Them Know

If you are certain you won’t arrive on time by a significant amount of time (more than fifteen minutes), call ahead or send an email. Notification is polite and can help the interviewer adjust their schedule accordingly. Your 10-minute hold-up can easily turn into a full day of delayed meetings and appointments, so give the company a call to tell them how far behind you are,

Don’t Dwell

If you’re late to an interview, your best shot at success is to impress them with your qualifications so that they forget you were late. Selling yourself will be the best way to remove any doubt about your ability to do the job. An interviewer may ask about the delay. Respond briefly and honestly, then move on. If it doesn’t come up, it’s likely in your best interest to not bring it up.

Keep It Upbeat

Just as important as moving on and keeping the meeting going, you want to stay upbeat and cheerful. Letting yourself get down is a surefire way to sink your employment chances. Employers aren’t interested in excuses and self-pity. Recruiters bring in workers largely based on personality and fit. Maintain a positive attitude to help keep yourself in the proper mindset to succeed during an interview.

Center Yourself

Running late to an interview can directly impact your performance. You are so eager to get to the interview that you may end up bursting in the door, looking frazzled and unprepared. It’s so important, even when tardy, to take a moment to compose yourself. Making a great impression is still so important, so make sure you are still effectively prepared to impress.

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