Nearly every business has an idea of what corporate culture should look like. But, it can be difficult to build a strong corporate brand in a larger company because everyone has different ideas of what it should be and people are often spread out in different regions. Building a strong culture is possible in a large company, if the proper approach is used. Here, we will be talking about ways that your large business can create an outstanding culture.

Develop a set of real corporate values

A corporate culture is built on values that are promoted across the entire organization. Create a set of at least 5 core values that relate to the company mission statement and the type of reputation your company wants to build. These could be as simple as the word “respect,” as in everyone deserves and is treated with respect by everyone else.

Make changes over time to earn employee compliance

Don’t expect your employees to jump on your new culture overnight, particularly if they are working remotely. Instead, give this time and roll out each new value over a period of months. Employees will comply once they get warmed up with the idea of the new brand and culture your company is trying to grow.

Reward employees for demonstrating the culture

Give employees a reason to get behind the new corporate culture. This can be a challenge for a larger company, because of the sheer volume of employees. However, set up culture club meetings to lead discussions about the culture and its impact on the business. Reward and recognize employees who demonstrate the cultural values of your company, and make sure all know about this by publishing it on social networks. This type of public recognition will go a long way to establishing a corporate culture. When employees and management see certain types of behaviors get rewarded, it will accelerate the adoption of culture and values.

Take the culture from the internal to the external

Once the corporate culture has been embraced by employees and becomes a regular part of the internal process of the company, it’s time to move the culture to the outside world too. The culture should be something that benefits the community, through volunteer service and promoting important causes. Get the entire workforce involved in making the world a better place.

By following the above steps, your company can develop a strong corporate culture that transcends the industry and improves the workplace for all employees at your large company.

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