When your company and team hits a busy stretch, the option of hiring temporary employees is an attractive one. With a call to your recruiting and staffing partner — like Davis Staffing! — you can bring on board as many workers as you need to help complete projects on time and to get through the busy season, all without having to go through the whole hiring process. 

But it might be difficult to keep those temporary employees focused on the job at hand. After all, they’re temporary workers; they don’t have the same loyalty or buy-in to your company’s success as your permanent team members. 

It’s still possible to keep them motivated and engaged! Here’s how. 


  • Make them feel like part of the team from day one. If you treat your temporary employees differently from your permanent ones, they’ll have no reason to act like a member of your team. Instead, bring them in with open arms and make them part of the group. Introduce them like you would a new permanent hire and try to get to know them, at least a little. The more welcome someone feels, the more likely they’re going to want to work hard and make a good impression. 
  • Train them for the job. Even if they don’t need the full orientation and onboarding process your permanent employees require, make sure your temp employees are fully versed in the tasks they’ll be performing and the team they’ll be joining. Set them up for success like you would any other employee. Make yourself, or their supervisor, available for any questions or concerns they might have while working for your company. Even if they won’t be with you for more than a month or so, you want them to be confident in their abilities and the skills needed to do the job. That also works well to make sure everyone is safe and following the same instructions without anyone being treated differently. 
  • Ask about their career goals. Many companies have opportunities for temp-to-perm jobs, where workers originally brought in for a season or a specific duration of time might be eligible to reapply with the company for a permanent, full-time job. Your company might not have any long-term or permanent needs now, but if a temp worker is making a great impression and is getting along well with your team, pull them aside and talk with them about their aspirations. Maybe they have all the background and skills needed for a position your company will be hiring in the not-so-distant future. You don’t need to dangle that information in front of the employee, but make a note to yourself to call them in for an interview when the time is right. After all, you already know the person and how well they work; this temporary position could be like a long on-the-job interview. 
  • Ask for feedback. Throughout the duration of their assignment, talk with your temporary employees and see what’s working well for them, what isn’t and how things could be improved. This little gesture of consideration shows that you value their opinion and experience under your roof; it shows that they’re not just some number or space filler but an actual person with worth and someone you want to make sure feels supported and valued. Plus, this is a great way to get a sense of how your employees are treating the new people, knowing they’re temporary, which can help shed light on whether your team is welcoming or cliquey. 
  • Say thanks. It’s hard being a new person at work, coming in and joining an already formed team. It’s even harder when you come in knowing you’re only going to be there a short time. Take the time to thank your temporary workers, more than once, for the help they’re providing. Tell them how much they’re helping out and what a great job they’re doing to alleviate the stress on your other workers. The truth is, your team would likely be looking at burnout, frustration and added stress if not for their help! People who feel appreciated are more likely to think fondly on their work experiences and, should a position on that team open again in the future, they’re more likely to consider applying. A little thanks goes a long way! 


By treating your temporary employees the same as your permanent ones, and making sure your team does the same, you’re giving temp workers a welcoming and supportive environment, all of which can make them feel engaged and focused on their work. People who feel like an outsider, or a nameless, faceless body in a group, won’t give their all and won’t see a reason to work hard while they’re on an assignment. And if they’re not doing their best work, why are they there? 

If you need to bring some temp workers on to your team, it’s time to call Davis Staffing. Our recruiters will work with you to find the candidates you need, with the background and skills needed to fit right in and get to work right away, all in a streamlined process that brings them in quickly. If you’re ready to bring on extra help, start by calling Davis Staffing.