Retention is always on employer’s minds – but what really makes a difference for employees? Sometimes offering a happy hour or implementing “Bagel Fridays” isn’t enough. But can you really afford raises across the board to keep your staff members satisfied? If you can’t give a salary bump, find other ways to make employees feel appreciated.

Positive Company Culture

Fostering a sense of community and making your employees feel like they belong will always be a great retention tool. When you have to freeze salaries, workers want to feel supported. Make sure the company culture is enriching from the moment new hires walk in the door. A workplace should be comfortable and productive for everyone.


One of the number one things that employees seek on the job is appreciation. While you may not have the time to congratulate every minute achievement, you must keep a mental note of current projects and praise team members upon successful completion. Even if someone isn’t the team lead on a big assignment, validate their efforts for the group.

Ambition and Future Opportunities

Employees often leave their current workplace in search of a challenge. Ambitious workers won’t settle for the same old menial tasks, especially if they feel like they are not making a difference. Create space for them to grow within your organization by offering new responsibilities and developing a clear path to promotion. If you can design the journey to success within your organization, you can keep people on board.

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