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WARNING: Maintaining an efficient warehouse is not as simple as it may seem. You may have a solid facility and a seasoned crew, but you’ll have to watch out for everyday hazards that can jeopardize the safety of your warehouse. Here are five things your staff must be aware of when it comes to warehouse safety. 

1. Training is Key

The most important aspect of warehouse safety is having workers that know how to utilize the space effectively. If you have untrained employees breaking protocol, you’re going to have serious OSHA concerns to deal with. Make sure that only authorized personnel have access to the floor or are operating equipment. It’s also not enough to train on warehouse safety during the onboarding process. OSHA refreshers should occur annually, as well as when equipment is changed or updated. 

2. Keep it Clean

Trips, falls, and small accidents are the biggest issues in a warehouse setting. The way to prevent these is so straightforward — clean up after yourself! Often, warehouse injuries are caused by small, preventable mishaps: a liquid spill, a stray extension cord, the flipped-up edge of a carpet. As a warehouse manager, it’s essential to develop a keen eye for these details and maintain a clean space to operate effectively. 

3. Smart Storage

There are several methods you can implement to keep your warehouse organized, so there’s no excuse for sloppy stations and poor inventory systems. These days, there are barcode scanning software packages available for a great value. You can keep everything in the cloud and track down every part on your iPad, or continue any non-digital system if it works for your team. Whether you want everything available virtually or you prefer old-school tabs, stickers, and labels, be sure to adhere to a singular organizational method. 

4. Communicate

Keep the lines open! You need to be able to contact your warehouse workers immediately and clearly, especially in case of an emergency. Larger operations may have tablets or walkie-talkies, you may only need emails and post-it notes. Once again, it’s about whatever works best for your entire team and maintaining an adaptive style so you can keep up on industry trends. 

5. Proper Signage

Your warehouse may experience many different issues throughout the year – being short on supplies, broken equipment, and temporary outages. Contact your team to update them, but also create proper signage. Brightly colored flyers and clear lettering should get your message across. You also need standard signage to maintain your warehouse standards – OSHA posters, warning posters for hazardous materials, and biomedical waste warnings if necessary. 

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