top osha violations

Many lucrative industries come with a bit of risk. Working in construction or a warehouse isn’t for everyone. But it’s simple to get your well-deserved paycheck if you play it safe and abide by OSHA standards. Here are the top 5 most frequently cited OSHA violations, as well as some tips from Davis Staffing on how to prevent them.

1. Breathing Hazards

Ventilation is so important, especially in 2021. When you’re working on the job, using respirators protects you as well as everyone else. Ensure your workplace has a strong ventilation system and respiratory masks if your team requires them.

2. Machinery Operators

If you’re working in a more industrial setting, one OSHA regulation to be aware of is maintaining equipment and ensuring the right people are using it. Operators must be licensed/trained depending on the machine, making sure you’re not utilizing equipment that should be out of bounds.

3. Slips and Trips

One of the most cited OSHA Violations is one of the most preventable – things that cause slips, trips, and falls at work. This can be as simple as an upturned corner of the carpet or large, risky cables on the floor. Take a walkthrough at the end of your shift to clean up any spill, tidy up cords, and make sure there are no other hazards in this category.

4. Signage

Maybe you know which canister is which, but that’s not enough for OSHA. Clearly labeling all materials avoids any OSHA citations as well as any dangerous mix-ups.

5. Ladder Safety

Another simple violation that can easily be avoided – the OSHA regulation regarding ladders. You may be surprised to find how frequently this becomes a problem. Ladders need to be well-maintained and safe to use, as well as put away safely when not in use.

Keep Your Team Safe

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