top safety tips


When you work with heavy machinery, safety comes first. You know that working with this equipment is not nearly as simple as it may seem, and it’s your responsibility to operate these machines to the best of your ability. Consider these safety tips as a machine operator.

Professionals Only

Make sure, above all else, that the only people operating equipment are those licensed to do so. Every tool is different, and it’s impossible to transfer those skills without actual knowledge. You are the machine operator, so it’s up to you to make sure only those eligible to use the equipment are doing so. Even if you’re working with a machine that doesn’t require licensure, it will require some basic training, so make sure you know what you need to know before touching the equipment.

Wear PPE

If you require safety goggles, earplugs, and/or safety work shoes, make sure you abide by these regulations. The quickest way to get an accident or injury is to neglect the basic safeguards intended to prevent a dangerous incident. You should also check frequently to make sure your gear is intact – if your steel-toed boots are beaten, replacing them is a step you can take to keep yourself safer. Missing or defective gear can result in cuts and scrapes, bruising, or even bone injury or long-term damage.

Stay Accountable

Many companies employ a regimented maintenance schedule to make sure they’re adhering to manufacturer recommendations. Keep your equipment in peak condition through regular cleaning and maintenance.

Find the Right Job for You

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