Searching for a new job can feel like full-time employment. If you’re currently working while looking for your next opportunity, it gets exhausting! This is especially true if you’re also balancing a social life, family responsibilities, and maybe even classes—and there are only so many hours in the day. 

Luckily, there are ways to make your job search much easier: Work with a staffing agency like Davis Staffing to get personalized assistance in your efforts. 

Here’s how working with a staffing agency can streamline the whole process and help you find a great new job with a lot less hassle. 

Maximize Your Job Search Efficiency

  • Have your resume reviewed and optimized by experts. When you sign on to work with a staffing agency like Davis Staffing, one of the first steps you’ll take is to provide your resume. If you’ve been looking online to determine what employers are looking for, you know it can be confusing and often contradictory. But with the hiring pros at Davis Staffing reviewing your reusing, you’ll get advice on how to optimize your work history and education, highlighting your experience, skills, expertise, and any special certifications or abilities in order to make your resume stand out among the competition. Our recruiters know exactly what our clients are looking for and how to make you sound like just the kind of candidate they need to hire! 
  • Personalized advice on interview preparation. After your resume is reviewed and improved, our recruiters will help you prepare for any and all interviews that come your way through our clients. Utilizing our longstanding relationships to your advantage, you’ll know how to present yourself best while speaking to their needs and your career goals at the same time. We’ll coach you and offer practice interviews to help you build your confidence while polishing your answers to anticipated questions so when the time comes, you’ll be ready to dazzle them! 
  • Access to jobs faster. Davis Staffing works with companies in a number of fields, and many of our clients have been our partners for years. That builds trust and confidence in these very important relationships. It also means our recruiters know about open positions before they’re posted on the company’s website or on larger job boards. By partnering with Davis Staffing as a job seeker, our recruiters can help you get your resume in front of decision-makers faster! We’ll tell you about new openings that are a good fit for your background and interests, and if you’re interested, we can help put your resume at the top of the list for consideration. You won’t even search for the job listing first; we’ll bring it to you! 
  • Find the right kind of job from sources you might not know about. When you’re searching for a job, especially if the process is taking a while, you might start to feel a little nervous and begin applying to anything and everything that sounds like it might match your skills and abilities. That fear-induced method of applying could end up wasting a lot of time and frustration, all of it for nothing. Instead, by teaming up with a staffing company, we can do a lot of the scouring for you. Our recruiters are well-connected with plenty of resources at their disposal, all of which they’ll use to your benefit, making for quick matches and suggestions that are all high-quality opportunities to help you advance your career — or find the next step if you’re not really sure where to go. 

You don’t need to look for your new career move alone.

Davis Staffing wants to help you succeed! We love helping great companies find highly qualified candidates, and we’re good at it. We want to use our more than 60 years of experience to help you find something wonderful. Best of all, you pay nothing for our services—it’s all free to job candidates. Why not take a look at our job board and see what’s available today to give you an idea of the exciting opportunities that might await you? 

When you’re ready to give yourself a break and a leg up on the competition, call Davis Staffing