new hire success

The onboarding process is critical for both managers and new hires. As a manager, you want to make a favorable impression of your company, give your new employee the tools they need to succeed on the job and make a long-term effort to retain this staff member. For a new worker, they’re looking to absorb information and fit in – so here’s how you can make sure it sticks.


Strong Initial Training

New employees don’t just want a booklet on how timesheets work. They want an experience. They want to understand who they’re working with and what they’re working toward. You can provide this experience by describing your company’s mission and values, goals, and team members. An organizational chart can also help new hires understand how the business works and whom they should report to.

The First Day

There’s a lot to cover, but we recommend hitting the following points during your new worker’s first day:

  • Tour of facilities
  • Introduction to team members and manager
  • Introduction to CEO/Owner
  • Training on any urgent software or procedures
  • End-of-day check-in


Three Weeks In

A quick meeting should occur with you and your team to ensure the new hire knows everything they need to in the new position. If there are any tasks not being completed at this point, or any information they still need, now is the time to intervene. Help your staff support the new hire, especially if you don’t have the opportunity to touch base regularly.


The Three Month Mark

Once your hire feels a bit more comfortable in their new role, take some time out of your schedule dedicated to lunch with your new hire. You can use this time to continue your report and ask them how they’re doing while providing a sounding-board experience for your employee. Practice active listening and ensure they feel confident and are not encountering unnecessary conflict.


Improve Your Onboarding Process

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