Preparing for Layoffs Before they Happen


While the Covid-19 pandemic might be in the rearview mirror by most accounts, we all remember how uncertain and unsteady everything felt back in March and April 2020 and for months after. It was a scary time and, for many people, they wondered whether they would have a job to go back to when restrictions […]

Does Networking Really Matter?


Remember when you were a kid and you were so nervous on the first day of school? Maybe it was a brand new school and you didn’t know anyone yet; maybe it was a shift from elementary to middle school and you weren’t sure how you’d find your way around. What made it easier? Finding […]

5 Ways You Can Make Your LinkedIn Profile Pop in 2022


Improving Your LinkedIn Profile | Davis Staffing

Having a LinkedIn profile is a must for job seekers in 2022. Not only does it give you a quick and easy way to apply for jobs, it can also be a tool that helps recruiters and hiring managers find you and contact you about jobs.  The downside is, everyone has a LinkedIn profile these […]