Improving Your LinkedIn Profile | Davis Staffing


Having a LinkedIn profile is a must for job seekers in 2022. Not only does it give you a quick and easy way to apply for jobs, it can also be a tool that helps recruiters and hiring managers find you and contact you about jobs. 

The downside is, everyone has a LinkedIn profile these days. So how do you make your profile stand out and gain attention? 

Five Ways to Help Get Eyes on Your LinkedIn Profile 

  • Smile for the camera. LinkedIn profiles are largely about your work and experiences, but it’s also about introducing yourself to the professional world. Make sure your profile has a nice photo on it! A classic professional headshot is always a good choice and a way to introduce yourself before you say a single word. If the work you do, or the jobs you’re interested in, are a little more creative, feel free to try something that better reflects these objectives. 
  • Tell a good story. Your profile is essentially your resume, but you can also add narrative elements. Use the space available to set the stage for who you are as a person: What activities are you involved in outside of work? Where did you go to school? Do you belong to any groups? What about you would be of the greatest interest to someone looking to hire you for a job? Keep in mind that people might come across your profile while looking for applicants: what should they know about you? And what should potential bosses learn about you from your profile, as reviewing LinkedIn profiles is a common practice during the interview process. 
  • Credibility is important. Did you know you can ask people to leave recommendations and kudos on your LinkedIn profile? Your coworkers, professors, managers and other people who know you or have worked with you in some capacity can sing your praises. Ask a few people you trust, who can speak to different aspects of your talents and experiences, to write a recommendation on your page. Potential employers want to know who you are and having these notes on your page helps, especially if the people who write the comments are different from your references that would be provided during the interview process. 
  • Lead with achievements. Remember: You’re here because you’re looking for a new job and you want to stand apart from the crowd. So tell people why they should be interested in you. Highlight your achievements, your accomplishments and what you’ve learned along the way. Did you devise a new organization and filing system? Have you been recognized for excellence at work? Any efforts you’ve led, any changes you’ve initiated, any leadership positions you’ve taken on, this is the place to detail them. 
  • Connect with people. This is LINKEDIn. People come here to make connections and network — it’s been a great tool for that since the platform began, but it’s been especially helpful the past few years. So get to talking! Find professional groups that interest you, or civic organizations you’d like to join. There are groups for anything and everything, topics you can follow, but you can also start small, sending connection requests to people you know, coworkers, friends, even people you’ve met along the way. You never know when someone will hear of a job you’d be perfect for and being connected on LinkedIn can help them give you that information. 


LinkedIn is a great tool for your job search and having a strong, personable profile will help you make a positive first impression when you apply for a new position — and might help you get attention from people looking for candidates like you. 

If you’d like a little more help in your job search, call Davis Staffing. We have great companies looking for strong candidates and we’d be happy to connect you. Contact Davis Staffing today and let’s get started!