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Oh, the complications of searching for a new job in 2021. The current job market is a challenge for employers but especially for job seekers. Standards are changing from week to week, and with some aspects of work still being conducted remotely, it can really be hard to get a “feel” for what you’re walking into. If you’re scanning the job boards feeling like you don’t know what to avoid, Davis Staffing has you covered. Beware of these job description red flags.

1. Mistakes

If you see a typo, don’t write off the job right away. But multiple mistakes can mean a few things. It can indicate apathy from leadership to execute a thorough job search. It can also point to a lack of attention to management detail that may make a harmonious work environment challenging.

2. Ambiguous Pay Rates

Language that isn’t clear about the salary in the job description can be a big red flag. While this practice is common, and it is not unusual for employers to mark a position’s wage as “Competitive” or “Varies,” there could be trouble ahead. If the posted role isn’t an entry-level gig, sometimes these terms can mean disappointment when it comes to being compensated fairly.

3. Cloudy Wording

When you come across a job description that’s all over the place or very vague, this is a red flag. If it’s difficult for you to interpret what tasks are being asked of this worker, how will you know what to do day-to-day in this role? You want to see crystal-clear descriptions of expectations and examples of daily tasks to apply to a position. If you see the phrase “wears multiple hats” or “jack of all trades,” move on to the next job posting.

4. Repetitiveness

Typical job seekers patrol boards and websites with regularity. Ever notice a posting that seems familiar? While some companies may have extenuating circumstances or maybe hiring for multiple openings of the same description, repeat postings can indicate high company turnover, which you should definitely dodge.

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