Power Words


Grabbing attention during the job hunt can be so challenging. A stale, dull resume will bore any hiring manager, so if you’re not getting the call for an interview, your resume may be missing the punch it needs to command a second look. Today, our professionals are going over what power words are and how they can take your resume to the next level. 

Taking Action 

Action words are undeniably one of the best ways to command attention as an applicant. You want your resume to be compelling. So many hiring managers skim through a stack of resumes quickly, so to stand out you must write your resume in a way that demands a more thorough read.   

Making a Strong Impression 

To impress a hiring manager, there will be certain expectations when it comes to your resume and cover letter. Confidence and strength in materials will get your foot in the door. You don’t want your accomplishments to seem less important than they are. You’ve worked hard to establish yourself in your career and that should not be downplayed, especially if you are searching for a new position. Power words can also be helpful if you are just starting out in your career and need to punch up your resume to make up for a shorter professional past. 


Here are some examples of action words to show you the difference between a weak word and a strong word when it comes to professional hiring documents. 

  • Helped with vs. Pioneered 
  • Led a project or team vs. Cultivated 
  • Managed workers vs. Supervised 
  • Answered phones vs. Fielded 

These small changes can make a huge difference when a hiring manager is looking for greatness in a field of job candidates. Don’t let small words keep you on the hunt! 

Modern Hiring: A Reminder 

Don’t forget that the hiring world is changing and applying to a position can sometimes be a completely different process than it was a decade ago. In many industries, your resume may not be reviewed by a person – some companies use scanning software to sift through resumes that look for specific words based on the job posting to identify applicants that have the prerequisite experience they seek. Therefore it is so essential to revamp your resume each time you apply to a different position. Not only should you be giving your employer the most updated, personalized version of your resume, but also you need to be using the job post description to build your resume. If the listing reads that this role includes “Coordinating events for clients”, draw from your professional experience and use those exact words in your resume to have a better shot at matching the employer’s needs. 

Kickstart Your Job Search

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