Often when you’re putting in your hours at the office, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling stuck and getting into a “working for the weekend” mentality can limit your productivity and hold you back from the success you seek. One of the best ways to spark internal inspiration is to reflect on what you’re thankful for on the job. A 2006 study by Kashdan, Uswatte, and Julian shows that a grateful attitude can help conquer a great deal of psychological stress. Practicing daily gratitude is a mental exercise that will boost your spirits, strengthen your resolve, and help you stay resilient through any work crisis. Here are some of the simplest things to be grateful for:

You’re Employed

First of all, count yourself lucky if you have a job. Even if you’re not performing your dream job, the opportunity to come in each day and prove yourself is a blessing. The job hunt is lengthy and frustrating, be grateful if you already have a position. It can be easy to complain about the little things that may get you down throughout the day. Taking the time to be thankful for having a job can help you retain your optimism.

Safety at Work

This is something almost every employee overlooks. Not every staff member feels safe when they’re on the job. Whether they find themselves working somewhere less than reputable or they do dangerous work each day, be grateful for what you have. If you feel comfortable at your desk or out on site, you have something to appreciate that others may not. This is also a great opportunity to take inventory of your situation. If you feel unsafe in your position due to your responsibilities or peers,  consider finding a new job.

Supportive Colleagues

Let’s start by saying we understand that not everyone has trustworthy coworkers to rely on at work each day. However, most workers will find a person or two that they can share with and relate to on some level. If you can find someone at work with common interests or interesting insights, be grateful for that connection. Finding someone you can relate with at work will help boost morale and give you a chance to bounce professional ideas off of another person to cultivate a cooperative spirit. And take time to make your peers feel valued. A simple “thank you” can brighten anyone’s day.

What If You Can’t Find the Silver Lining?

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed or stuck in your current position, it can seem impossible to be thankful. As a talented professional, you want to make the most of your abilities and feel like you are doing your best work. When you’re feeling unsatisfied in your career, it may be time to move on. If you want to kick-start your job search, consult the experts at Davis Staffing. As a top Chicago staffing agency, you’ll have access to a wide range of positions and you’ll be able to connect with the best professionals in Chicago’s network of temporary staffing experts.

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