In an increasingly technological workplace, guidelines are everything. It can seem impossible to manage the productivity of your employees when smartphones are everywhere. Personal mobile phones can be a serious work distraction, but they can also enable your employees to succeed. Davis Staffing is here to help you navigate the right way to create and enforce a mobile device policy in your workplace.

Why You Need a Phone Policy

There are dozens of reasons to limit excessive cell phone usage in the workplace. Your guidelines will depend on your industry, but here are just a few of the issues that can arise without a mobile device policy in place:

  • Phones are a distraction to the user and others: set them to vibrate or silence them completely
  • Irresponsible usage can cause security issues: misusing company internet connection could cause a dangerous breach
  • They should not be permitted for use in any areas that aren’t appropriate: labs, work zones, while operating machinery, etc.
  • Some employees may take advantage of a more laid-back work environment and use phones for side conversations and playing games

The Background

First, it’s important to establish your reasons for the mobile device policy. What’s motivating you to enforce cell phone usage? Are people wasting time with distractions or taking too many personal calls? If you can determine the reasons you need to create the policy, these reasons can inform your guidelines. Try to also anticipate what cell phone usage may be disruptive, and be clear about what’s acceptable.

The Guidelines

When you write your cell phone usage rules, you should establish the reasons you need this policy followed. Emphasize the fact that all employees must be held accountable to these standards, including yourself. Expect this new policy to be followed at every level within your organization. Additionally, establish guidelines for those that don’t follow the policy. A violation will result in appropriate disciplinary action that is pre-determined within your policy.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are clear ways to differentiate appropriate and inappropriate cell phone usage in the workplace. If you’re having trouble creating the right policy for your organization, consult our simple list of Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Make business-related calls to clients or vendors
  • Use apps to maximize productivity
  • Check important messages from supervisors or colleagues
  • Arrange client meetings and set up calls
  • Take all personal calls in a private place
  • Keep everything appropriate: no obscene material or illegal content


  • Text excessively to friends and family
  • Play mobile games
  • Scroll through social media sites

Don’t be afraid to crack down on time waste. Your employees can take care of anything that isn’t work appropriate at home or during their break. Be a role model and stick to your policy to show your staff that the trivial matters can wait.

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