These days, even with an abundance of eligible candidates, it can be so tough to find exactly what you’re looking for. Chances are, you know what specific hard and soft skills you need to fill a position, or perhaps multiple roles. Creating a cohesive and productive team is at the core of quality leadership, so hiring the right team members is critical to the success of your company. Here’s how you can make sure you get it right every time.

Team Up With Davis Staffing

Our local service providers have unparalleled expertise. Working out of the Chicago Southland and Northern Indiana, we know the market like no one else. Our top levels of service and professionalism set us apart. When you team up with Davis Staffing, you gain access to our cultivated service process.

First Steps

Initially, you’ll contact Davis Staffing and express your interest here. You’ll be connected with an account manager that will assess your current situation, as well as your goals and overall organizational environment. The next steps are up to us!

Cleared Candidates

Our recruits come pre-vetted, ready to go. We complete a number of preliminary checkpoints for candidates, including but not limited to:

  • Pre-Screening
  • IBM® Kenexa® testing
  • In-person interview
  • Reference check
  • Drug screening
  • Client-specific testing, education verifications, and orientation, at your request

You can rest easy knowing that we go above and beyond to deliver potential hires that are consistent, reliable, and will meet your company’s specific needs.

Follow-Through – Our Unconditional Guarantee

We don’t dump prospects on your doorstep – Davis Staffing acts as a true partner, verifying the match and staying in touch. Your account manager will conduct first and second-day arrival checks, and can even perform weekly check-ins to ensure full satisfaction. Davis Staffing even takes it one step further with our unconditional guarantee: Is our employee not performing to your expectations? Let us know within their first four hours on the job and you will not be charged.

Those that shop around finds that our services truly cannot be beaten. To find out for yourself, check out our website today.