In the light industrial and warehouse world, turnover is not a secret. It happens! Maintaining a strong crew is challenging when your solid workers are frequently advancing into more skilled roles. The best way to help your bottom line is to hire and onboard quickly and efficiently. Here are our best ways to streamlining your job screening process.

Change (Don’t Lower!) Applicant Expectations

While we don’t recommend that you lower the bar when you submit job postings, you can certainly make changes that widen the field. For example, substitute education for work experience or open skilled positions to novices and pay for on-the-job training. You may find that field training is more important than a diploma for your recruits.

Change (Don’t Lower!) Work Standards

Talk to your employees about the ways you can appeal to new hires. To reduce costs, you may want to try alternate working hours or offer a flexible schedule to entice part-time potential hires. These changes may appeal to current students or recent grads, a great pool of eager candidates to tap into.

Leave Job Screening to the Experts

Are you frustrated with your current process, feeling like you want to get back to the work that matters? To truly implement a streamlined and simple process that protects your team and your bottom line, stop wasting your time—delegate job screening to professionals like the crew at Davis Staffing. Our experts manage the entire process on your behalf, saving you valuable time and resources. From identifying candidates to screening, our office executes a quick and accurate overhaul of your process. We can also take the entire onboarding process off of your hands, so you get qualified workers ready to hit the ground running in a hurry. If you’re ready to work with the experts, contact Davis Staffing today.