Welder candidates

As an employer, you want to recruit the best talent. Evaluating a variety of essential skills can leave you wondering what to prioritize. Every different position that needs to be filled requires different skills and characteristics. This is what you can look for in your next welder candidates.


A great welder knows when it’s time to seek out new opportunities. You want to employ those that can stay motivated without you needing to babysit them. We recommend finding candidates that can prove they are self-starters. You can identify this by asking about their ability to gain new jobs or reach out to new contacts to drum up business.

Time Management

So much to do, so little time. Just as you’re seeking a self-motivated individual, you also want someone that knows how to prioritize. Time management is a key attribute for a welder, considering they frequently work independently, and you need to be able to trust that they can get it all done.

Outgoing Personality

A friendly face always makes for a great team member. When you are looking to bring in a new welder, you’ll be able to tell a good welder from a great welder by their attitude. You have the option to hire someone that will put their head down and get to work, but consider the customer service angle. Employers benefit from having a pro on their team that can prioritize an excellent experience for everyone on site.

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