Customer Service Skills


“How may I help you?” It’s not enough to read lines from a script if you want to be great in customer service, you have to believe it. The more you can take on the skills of the best customer service agents, the more success you will see. If you’re looking to succeed in your customer service role, brush up on the following skills:


Most people can tell when they’re getting fed a line. Your work in customer service may involve withholding some info or requesting some patience as you work on something. However, if you want to have positive interactions and a strong reputation, be honest.


You’ll find that when working in customer service, it pays to listen. Not only is it the compassionate thing to do, it also might clue you into information you can benefit from. Employees that listen typically summarize what they hear and offer to point a client in the right direction.

Positive Personality

There are a number of traits that can benefit you in the customer service profession, and one of them is the ability to stay optimistic and friendly. Working with customers requires patience, and your ability to stay upbeat and empathize will help you succeed.


Working in service, you get some strange questions and comments. The decisiveness of your answer will make a difference. Research potential snags so that you can be completely confident in your work. You should respond immediately, and be self-assured and accurate to set yourself apart.

Ability to Adapt

Customer service can be full of surprises. A professional that can think on their feet will be highly valued. Be as prepared as possible, but also anticipate the unexpected and be ready to react accordingly.

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