managing generational diversity


With a job force filled with various generations, you have to adjust your management style to appear to different age structures. Our modern workplaces demand an understanding that there will be a multitude of different people with different perspectives. From young new hires to veterans in the field, here’s how you can do it!  

Effective Feedback 

A primary issue that can take place with the multigenerational gap is that your employees will have different communication expectations. Whether your workers like a little feedback or a lot of feedback, there will be varying ways that can be most effective. Constructive criticism is imperative for employee growth, so talk to your workers about what works best for them. While occasionally a worker may not have the self-awareness to know exactly what they need, you may find that baby boomers need less input. In contrast, Generation Z workers like direct guidance and mentorship. 

Handling Workplace Clashes 

In any workplace, there will always be conflict. Often this can stem from a difference in opinions or perspectives, particularly where there is an age gap between workers. To stave off age-based disagreements, try implementing a mentorship program. Pairing seasoned professionals up with newer hires to provide wisdom and trade insight can benefit everyone on the job. 

Leadership Approaches 

Traditionally, your supervisor would be older and more experienced in your specific role, perhaps even performing that exact position for several years before earning a promotion. These days with job mobility and outside hiring on the rise, it’s not uncommon for your boss to be a decade younger than you. While this can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be an impossible situation to navigate. Don’t give in to the stereotypes – prioritize getting to know your boss to avoid a negative impression before your boss-employee relationship even begins 

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