Fundamentals of a leader


Leaders are made up of various qualities, but their main one may be pretty obvious – they lead! We’re stripping away the fluff and getting down to brass tacks in Davis Staffing’s series on leadership fundamentals. For part one, we’re discussing the best ways you can inspire your team. This is how they do so successfully and what separates them from a ‘boss’. 


The difference between a boss and a leader? Bosses give orders, whereas leaders inspire confidence and productivity. If you want to be perceived as a great leader, you need to show your team you care about them. Inspire your team by letting them take initiative on special projects or creating a subcommittee for work-related concerns or initiatives. Assess the weak points or threats to your company, and think about which employees have strengths that can address these issues. Assigning specific workers to work that they can excel in is a great way to support your people.  

Establishing Trust 

Teamwork only comes when your workers can rely on one another, and on you. Building trust within your workforce can help encourage your staff and boost productivity. You can prompt team trust in a few ways: 

  • Sharing your experience and perspective to develop rapport 
  • Regular one-on-one employee meetings to listen and make connections with each worker 
  • Being more hands-off when managing their tasks 
  • Creating work-free bonding times (Happy Hour, anyone?) 

Creating Opportunity 

Your workers want to be able to develop their skills and grow. Allowing for professional development is particularly important for younger workers that will look for a job that allows them to “climb the ladder”. When employees feel a lack of potential opportunities, they will start looking elsewhere. Keep your best talent in-house by clarifying the organizational structure and showing them any chances for advancement.  

Enhance Your Leadership Abilities

To find the best way to enhance your leadership abilities, you can reach out to Chicago’s best – Davis Staffing. Our company offers veteran advice and fresh perspectives on how you can boost productivity and be the best boss possible. Check out ouwebsite today to learn more.