Retraining an Employee May Be Better for Business Than Firing


You created the posting. 


Phone screens. 


Second interviews. 

Offer letters. 


And then suddenly you look up and realize you’ve made a terrible mistake. The dreaded poor hire. What can you do? You’ve invested so much time into the hiring and training process, and you feel like you can’t start all over again. What’s your best move? The answer may surprise you. 

What’s The Right Move? 

The simple solution seems to be firing employees that don’t meet your expectations. However, there are smarter moves to be made. It may be “easier” to fire employees, but it may be more cost-effective and better for business if you retrain them instead. Firing employees is expensive when you consider how much it costs to hire and onboard a new worker. When an employee isn’t meeting expectations, you need to begin the retraining process. But what does that mean, and where can you begin? 


Introducing an employee to a review of training materials can really emphasize your company’s standards. Targeted training programs can be a great resource for workers. If you don’t know where to start, we have a few pointers: 

  • Networking events and conferences 
  • Webinars 
  • Online courses 
  • Safety and Hazard Prevention websites 
  • Updated literature 


Solid workers can still get overwhelmed when it comes to changes in the industry. Even seasoned pros have outdated knowledge. This is why it’s essential to focus on upskilling on a regular basis. Check out industry trends and plan at least one training per year that can catch everyone up on new techniques or updated tools. Whether you want all of your workers to work on base-level coding skills or you’re planning an active listening seminar, choose something that will suit your staff and meet the needs of your company. 

Team Up with a Staffing Agency 

One way to take your team to the next level is to hire smarter. Making effective recruiting choices is the best defense against investing too much time in training and retraining. If you’re tired of being short-staffed and ready to end your turnover problem, contact Davis Staffing. Our pros are experts at placing qualified candidates in the right roles, so check out our website today to start making the best connections.