New year, new leads? Tracking down quality candidates can be tough, and our Davis Staffing team has made 2018 the year of top hiring advice. Whether you’re in charge of hiring for a massive corporation or you’re a Chicago start-up with some growing to do, it’s essential to hire the right employees to fit your needs. Here’s a closer look at our insights for recruiters from 2018.

Challenge Low Unemployment

Facing a shallow pool of candidates in your industry? Low unemployment can challenge even the best recruiters. One method of overcoming low unemployment is to dig into your archives. Those times you interviewed a candidate that wasn’t quite right or had a conflict? Call them up and see if they are seeking work. If your ideal employees are employed, start a conversation about how you can meet their needs instead.

If you’re facing a shortage of options, shift your focus. How are you reaching applicants?

  • Search Radius: Not gaining the results you’d like to see? Branch out! If you’re only advertising your posting to candidates in Chicago proper, cover more ground and promote open positions in Chicago suburbs or near cities.
  • Posting Method: If you’re throwing an ad on one website and hoping the internet works its magic, you’re doing it wrong. If you want to access a wider audience, you need to publicize your search on every hiring website and every social media platform.

Keep Good People Happy

The most simple tip we can give to employers as they struggle to find a productive team? Retain your best workers! You’ll have fewer hiring concerns if you don’t have to deal with turnover and low morale. The cheapest way to hire is to hire less, through employee retention. Here are our quick ways to maintain a satisfied staff, in order of cost to you.

  • Be kind and supportive (This costs you nothing.)
  • Schedule weekly or monthly one-on-ones to establish rapport with workers and stay in the loop (Also free!)
  • Create a committee focused on diverse hiring, inclusiveness, or employee satisfaction
  • Encourage more fun! Think happy hours, team-building outings, and theme days
  • Extend internal opportunities for professional development, or vouchers for employees to attend outside events
  • Offer additional benefits and incentives
  • Implement a higher base pay
  • Provide raises and bonuses

Team Up With a Staffing Agency

The screening process utilized by a staffing agency can rescue you from your hiring woes. Instead of spending weeks of your time trying to get a worker in the door, delegate to a temporary staffing firm. A staffing agency can help you identify gaps and fill them with pre-screened candidates right away. Skip the paperwork so that you can focus on your crucial job duties and spend more time inspiring your team to succeed.

Work With a Top Staffing Agency in Chicago

Ready to take the leap in 2019? Partnering with Davis Staffing has never been easier, and we’re happy to get started right away. If you need quality candidates, Davis Staffing is the solution. Consult the professionals at a top staffing agency in Chicago today to learn more.